Andrew Shadwick

After graduating from University of Tasmania, Andrew commenced his career in Chartered Accounting as an auditor and also worked as systems accountant in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland before returning to live in Sydney in 1999.

Ama Aidoo-Sam

An experienced relationship builder and a leader with a record of outstanding results in developing high performing teams, delivering savings and meeting the strategic objectives of customers. Experienced procurement leader whose industry experience covers financial services, consulting, FMCG and consumer electronics. managing both strategic and operational procurement in the UK, ANZ and Asia.

Yasuaki Yoshihara

Yasuaki held numerous high profile positions with Sony in Japan since 2005.

SherLi Lim

SherLi is the Administration Manager of Costamare Bulkers Services since December 2022.

Sha Tao

Sha joined Philips in 2014 and holds her current position since 2017. She previously worked for Travel Management Companies in senior capacities.

Sawako Hidaka

Sawako became the Asia Society Japan Center’s Executive Director in 2018, having worked as a Business Consultant before.

Rajdev Bhattacharya

Rajdev joined Wipro Ltd as General Manager Global Travel & Hospitality and Business Head Way2Go in 2018.

Peter Hupperich

Peter Hupperich brings with him more than 25 years of experience in the Corporate Travel industry. He currently heads up Asia Travel Program of Bain & Company.

Michael Molloy

Michael and his team oversee the Apple Travel & Meetings program in Asia Pacific. In his earlier career he held senior positions with Rio Tinto, Citi and Credit Suisse. He has lived and worked in the United States, Hong Kong China, Japan, Singapore, Hungary and the United Kingdom in various aspects of the travel industry. He is passionate about innovation in the industry and enabling others, especially those entering the industry through Asia, to thrive.

Koreen Barbara

Koreen Barbara is responsible for managing the McDonald’s Travel Program, traveler experience is at the forefront of all her work ensuring the right technology, solutions and suppliers are available to meet the demands of the modern business traveler.