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CTC Asia Council: Koreen Barbara

Koreen Barbara

Global Travel Manager, McDonald's

Why did you join CTC?

“As the travel industry continues to evolve I am passionate about giving back to our community and networking with colleagues on how we can improve our programs and keep up with developments. CTC offers a platform for us to  learn from each other,  share ideas as we think about the future of travel and our own development as we see a change in the  traditional travel manager role.”

About Koreen Barbara

Koreen Barbara is responsible for managing the McDonald’s Travel Program, traveler experience is at the forefront of all her work ensuring the right technology, solutions and suppliers are available to meet the demands of the modern business traveler.

Her career covers more than 21 years in the travel industry gaining experience and insights across the globe working in Australia, London, Chicago and now Singapore. She has had much success in managing global and regional travel programs delivering value, transformation, innovation and focusing on continuous evolution.

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