At Corporate Travel Community (CTC) sustainability is about being responsible over the long term by increasing the positive impacts our operations, products and colleagues have, and ensuring ongoing viability, growth and success. We strive to raise awareness of sustainability issues among suppliers, our customers and the owners of the venues we use for our events unit. Our approach to sustainability consists of five pillars: Content, Communities, Colleagues, Customers and the Environment.


Content is at the heart of what we provide and is one of our most significant areas of impact. Our content helps our customers to work more effectively and make better-informed decisions. In order to create a positive influence, our content is relevant, trustworthy and accessible.


  1. Sustainability Policies: As part of the Informa family under the Aviation Week Network, CTC adheres to global sustainability policies which are designed to ensure our commitment is fulfilled. These policies include the Editorial Code and the Responsible Advertising Code. For more information on our Sustainability Policies click here.
  2. Membership Product: As primarily a membership-based organisation, our content allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive suite of digital tools that ultimately help hundreds of businesses in the aviation and travel industry to identify new opportunities and improve their business decisions.
  3. Events: All CTC events from 2020, include a dedicated panel and/or keynote on the environment, Corporate Social Responsibly and sustainability.
  4. Daily Updates: Our newly introduced ‘Aviation Sustainability and the Environment’ analysis aims to educate the industry on environmental sustainability initiatives, and on progress and challenges in aviation, by publishing news reports on the CAPA website and Airline Leader. Click here to view some of the latest updates.


We set out to create value for all our stakeholders, including the communities in which they live and with whom we do business. We are dedicated to understanding the needs of our customers, as well as the impact of our events on our neighbouring communities. Our work with communities includes supporting charities and creating value for cities that host our events.


  1. Charitable donations: In 2019, CTC supported a number of charities through internal and external fundraisers including: Royal Flying Doctors Association, Canteen Australia and child sponsorship initiatives to support those in vulnerable communities.
  2. Volunteer Days: All CTC employees are granted two days each year to volunteer with a charitable organisation of their choice.
  3. Events: CTC hosts a range of events both domestically and overseas that assist destinations and their local communities to generate tourism, and to contribute to sustainable conferences and events revenue.


Our colleagues and the diversity of knowledge and skills they bring are the driving force behind our success. We have a distinct culture and identity, and a strong commitment to investing in colleagues wherever they are. Informa Group aims to give colleagues freedom to grow, experiment and learn, and to create an open, inclusive and stimulating environment while minimising barriers and red tape.


  1. Informa learning and development: Learning and development is a key area of investment to ensure that colleagues can develop and make a real difference to the future of CAPA and the wider Informa Group. CTC offers role-specific and soft skills training, while secondment opportunities are encouraged.
  2. Celebrations of diversity: The CTC Social Committee is committed to acknowledging the diverse culture and identity of our people with celebrations of National and cultural holidays including: Chinese New Year, Australia Day, International Women’s Day and many others throughout the year.
  3. Remote Working Resources and Technology: As part of Informa, CTC has invested significantly into remote working technology and resources, which have particularly come into play during the COVID-19 crisis. These resources have ensured the continued operation and sustainability of CTC’s services without major disruption and maintained the health and safety of our staff and colleagues.


When it comes to sustainability and our customers, we focus on two areas:

  • Connecting people by curating and creating content, our businesses and brands connect people who are working in a common field and around a common topic, challenge or passion;
  • Creating opportunities for learning by providing a space to learn. We are always looking for more and improved ways to foster learning and help customers solve the business challenges they face. 


  • CTC Content Access: CTC provides a number of mediums for our customers to access our content, from our Membership products which are accessible to all customers digitally, to our Events which are available to attend in-person as well as often via live stream or webinar broadcast. Events provide a space for our customers, clients and industry colleagues to learn, network and engage.


We seek to reduce our footprint on the world around us where we can, with a firm focus on saving energy in our offices, sustainable sourcing and reducing the amount of waste which we produce as part of our events.

  1. Offsetting Travel: CTC is committed to offsetting CTC staff travel by contributing to appropriate carbon offsetting schemes. CAPA also encourages all delegates and speakers attending CTC Events to offset their travel.
  2. Events: We aim to recycle 100% of delegate badges and are committed to minimising paper and single use plastics (especially water bottles) at CTC events, and encourage all venues, sponsors and exhibitors to do the same, by enforcing proactive venue sourcing and sponsor contract requirements. Where possible, delegates are also provided with group transfers from the airport to the event venue/hotel to reduce the overall carbon footprint.
  3. Internal Resources: CTC only purchase recycled paper products for office stationery and usage is monitored monthly. CTC has also begun the elimination of all single use plastic items from our communal kitchens (e.g. plastic cutlery, plates, cups etc.)
  4. CTC Office Recycling: Recycling bins (including soft plastics) are available in CTC offices. All staff are proactively encouraged to take personal action and maintain awareness by reducing their use of single-use coffee cups and plastics, conserving water and reducing paper usage in the office and at home. CTC has also appointed an Environment Coordinator/Committee within the CTC team to identify and align with Informa and the Aviation Week Network sustainability guidelines and initiatives.

CTC aims to report on our progress every six months, with the aim to refine these strategies and principles to continue to progress our sustainability efforts.