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CTC Asia Council: Rajdev Bhattacharya

Rajdev Bhattacharya

Corporate Travel Management, Aviation Sales & Operations, Travel Technology

Why did you join CTC?

“To harness the power of technology is the core theme of Wipro’s success. I am thrilled that the Corporate Travel Community shares this core value too! The very first roadshow training for our Members will be Route Capacity Analyser Training – a state of the art user friendly online technology!”

About Rajdev Bhattacharya

Rajdev joined Wipro Ltd as General Manager Global Travel & Hospitality and Business Head Way2Go in 2018.

He is responsible for managing Wipro’s global travel program, including overseeing the centralized service delivery center, global travel procurement and partner management relationships. He also works closely with Wipro’s technical product development team to build Wipro’s Travel and Expense solution as a stakeholder in domain / business architecture and integrating the partner ecosystem globally. With Travel Spent over $150m spread over 58 countries in operation, this is one of the largest corporate Travel programs to manage on a global level. Wipro’s Travel program has set a new benchmark in the industry, as it is the only large company in India to manage its own fulfilment through an in-house IATA approved Travel agency. Rajdev’s role encompasses oversight over this department.

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