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CTC Asia Council: SherLi Lim

SherLi Lim

Administration Manager, Costamare Bulkers Services

Why did you join CTC?

“The notion of Connect and Take Control (CTC) is deep in every travel managers’ heart! The long-time aspiration of travel managers now becomes a reality with the formation of Corporate Travel Community!”

About SherLi Lim

SherLi is the Administration Manager of Costamare Bulkers Services since December 2022.

Previously she was with Oldendorff Carriers since 2016. She works closely with Oldendorff Worldwide Satelite offices in order to oversee Travel cost and analysis of annual travel spend. Her role is to establish Airline and Hotel Corporate rates and to negotiate contracts with Airlines, Hoteliers and Travel Service Providers. She also ensures that all cost saving opportunities are optimised and provides professional advice on Travel Related Matters. In addition, SherLi provides guidance & coaching on product knowledge and GDS training. She also set up Virtual Payment Solutions for payment and billing of Business-Related Travel Expense.

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