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CTC Asia Council: Michael Molloy

Michael Molloy

Asia Pacific Strategic Travel Manager, Apple

Why did you join CTC?

“Historically, the T&E community in Asia Pacific followed developments in North America or Europe, now the region is mainly at the forefront of Travel solutions, payment innovation and user-experience enhancement. I’m proud to asked to be the inaugural chairperson of this group of talented T&E leaders across this dynamic region.”

About Michael Molloy

Michael and his team oversee the Apple Travel & Meetings program in Asia Pacific. In his earlier career he held senior positions with Rio Tinto, Citi and Credit Suisse. He has lived and worked in the United States, Hong Kong China, Japan, Singapore, Hungary and the United Kingdom in various aspects of the travel industry. He is passionate about innovation in the industry and enabling others, especially those entering the industry through Asia, to thrive.

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