CTC Sydney Corporate Travel Summit & Awards

The two-day Summit will gather hundreds of corporate travel executives from the biggest firms in Australia, as well as many SMEs in the region. The agenda will explore the eco-systems pain-points with CTCs “Corporate Branches” format.

CTC Shanghai Corporate Travel Summit

The China market continues to be an important indicator of growth for the industry, and this will be a key discussion point for the Summit. We’ll also explore all aspects of the corporate travel ecosystem as part of our “Corporate Branches” format.

CTC Singapore Corporate Travel Summit

CTC Singapore will introduce our “Corporate Branches” format, designed to ensure all aspects of the corporate travel ecosystem are explored and featured in our signature exhibition space.

CTC Hong Kong Corporate Travel Summit

Gathering corporate travel executives from Fortune 500 firms and SMEs in Hong Kong, delegates can expect frank, thought leadership discussions plus our signature exhibition, showcasing innovative products.

CTC-CAPA Corporate Travel Gathering – Australia

The CTC-CAPA Corporate Travel Gathering – Australia will take place in November 2019 with the purpose of providing corporate travel buyers with strategic and operational skills to create a traveller centric programme.