> CTC Shanghai Corporate Travel Summit

CTC Shanghai Corporate Travel Summit

Many thanks for your participation in the CTC Shanghai Corporate Travel Summit, hosted in Shanghai, 26th October 2023.

We trust it was a valuable experience and you gained
some fresh insights and contacts.

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Thursday 26 October 2023



Registration, Networking & Coffee



Chairperson’s Welcome


Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang

商旅网络, 执行董事, 邓秉森



CTC Outlook: State of the Corporate Travel Industry 


Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang


商旅网络, 执行董事, 邓秉森



Global Economic Outlook Keynote: Overview of economy and the implications to the recovery of travel industry


The speaker will illustrate the strategic overview of the economy and its impact on the recovery of the corporate travel industry. 


Renowned Individual Investor, Joyce Xu



CTC Think Tank: A meeting of the minds

In 2022, it was clear that while corporations are travelling again, the landscape of the industry looks very different to what it did pre-pandemic. From planning to return, the travel journey has become more complex. With an increasingly mobile workforce, companies need to meet new standards for duty of care and address changing sets of criteria when it comes to risk and cost management. 

In this important discussion, we bring together industry leaders to help travel managers navigate the post-pandemic travel landscape. 

  • The new traveller journey – what does it involve and how are major travel suppliers supporting clients? 
  • What’s at stake for companies with a mobile workforce when it comes to duty of care and risk management? 
  • What role does the travel supplier have in a post-pandemic world? 
  • What role will innovation and technology have on the future of corporate travel? 
  • How are companies pivoting towards carbon neutrality? 
  • What are the toolkits that travel managers will need to be successful to measure and report on carbon footprints and reduce the overall impact of travel on the environment? 


2022 年,很明显,虽然企业员工再次开始出差,但行业的格局看起来与新冠肺炎大流行前大不相同。从计划到返回,出差旅程变得更加复杂。随着员工流动的增加,公司需要满足新的义务标准,并在风险和成本管理方面应对不断的变化。


Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang

商旅网络, 执行董事, 邓秉森


MSD, Associate Director, Hamish Wang

FCM, General Manager, China & Hong Kong, Calvin Xie

Alibaba Group, Travel Category Manager – Corporate Procurement, Jie Li



Coffee Break & Networking



Greater Bay Area Travel Business Opportunity Update 




Camloy International, Managing Director, Nixon Chung

Regal Hongkong Hotel, Manager – Sales & Marketing,  Judy Kwan



China reopens: Prospects for the recovery of the world’s largest corporate travel market

China was a key player in the corporate travel landscape in 2019, but its ‘zero COVID’ approach meant the market was almost totally closed off to international travel from early 2020 to the start of 2023. With China’s COVID-19 policies restricting international travel now being jettisoned, the industry is still trying to understand the prospects for the return of major international travel to/from China. On top of international travel, speakers will share their views on the recovery of domestic travel.

  • How quickly can China’s domestic airlines and foreign carriers restore their networks and return capacity in the market? 
  • Will the country see a repeat of the outbound travel boom seen elsewhere over the past few years? 


中国是 2019 年商务旅行领域的关键参与者,但其“零 COVID”方法意味着从 2020 年初到 2023 年初,市场几乎完全禁止国际旅行。随着中国限制国际出行的政策改变,行业仍在努力了解差旅出行的前景。除了国际旅行之外,演讲嘉宾还将分享他们对国内旅行复苏的看法。

Moderator: Dragon Trail, General Manager, Edward Chen


Shanghai Tourism Trade Association, Secretary General, Ling Jin

BCD Travel China, Senior Director Operations, Greater China, William Tang



The CTC Corporate Branches Masterclass an introduction

A selection of masterclasses designed to educate and inform the industry on the entire corporate travel ecosystem. In these sessions, we bring together key experts to explore the specific issues facing corporate travel managers and the wider industry. 



Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang

商旅网络, 执行董事, 邓秉森



CTC Accommodation Branch Masterclass – Fireside Chat


Youli Consulting, Founder, Li Lei

BWH Hotel Group, Assistant Director of Sales (China) Mark Xu

Accor, Senior Director Commercial, Ted Sun



Lunch Break & Networking




Update of Aviation Market Trends


Aviation Week Network, General Manager, China, Charlie Che

航空周刊, 总经理 大中华区, 车轩



CTC Aviation Branch Masterclass

  • What are airlines doing to improve the traveller experience? 
  • What do airlines look for in supplier relationship discussions with buyers? 
  • What impact has COVID-19 had on the airline business? 
  • What new technologies are airlines utilising in a post COVID world? 
  • How do airlines value relationships with the industry suppliers? 


• 航空公司正在采取哪些措施来改善旅客体验?

• 航空公司在与买家的供应商关系讨论中寻找什么?

• COVID-19 对航空业务有何影响?

• 在后疫情时代,航空公司利用了哪些新技术?

• 航空公司如何重视与行业供应商的关系?

Moderator: Aviation Week Network, General Manager, China, Charlie Che


Turkish Airlines, Corporate Sales Manager, Osman Yurttadur

Fiji Airways, Regional General Manager Asia, Maxine Peng

Li & Li LLC, Executive Director, Jason Li

15:15 – 15:45 

CTC Technology Branch Masterclass

The travel and tourism industry has been among the early adopters of digital transformation, but technology, processes and standards are continuing to evolve. For businesses, digital adaptation is not optional but rather an indispensable condition to continue being competitive and respond to the continuously growing consumers’ demands.

This workshop will discuss processes to help buyers understand what they should look out for with technology partners, look at how buyers can truly integrate into their technology partners, and question if technology is the answer to all the buyers’ problems. 

  • What options exist for making the travel booking process more efficient?
  • How can technology assist in improving the traveller experience?






Keynote: BL5 Technology, Co-Founder, Kimi Jiang



Coffee break & Networking



CTC Corporate Wellness Branch


Spring City Resort, General Manager, Mervin Ho

Corporate Wellness – Balancing Sustainability and Performance 

Wellbeing and wellness is anchored on Mindset and Habits.

  • Possessing the right mindset fitting the role to play the part
  • Knowing our WHYs to formulate purpose
  • Having clarity of goals – targets and outcomes
  • Being better today than yesterday through betterment of feelings and processes, not just numbers and data



CTC Sustainability Branch Masterclass

Sustainability has become a corporate travel priority, but increased costs, limited data and lack of transparent information still present barriers to making business travel more sustainable. Collaboration will be critical to supporting an enhanced corporate travel policy for travel buyers. 

As travel continues its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations are refocusing on their green agendas. A majority believe sustainability will be either a ‘moderate’ or ‘high’ priority in the next 12 months, while many have become more focused on the sustainability objectives of their corporate travel programme.

In this discussion, we look to the community to provide examples of best practices in developing environmental sustainability initiatives, and ask/review:

  • What is the travel buyers’ perspective of sustainability? 
  • Are they getting pressure from above to include sustainability in RFPs?
  • How important is sustainability to them? Are travellers already asking for more?
  • Understand what the industry can offer today.
  • How to select a best in market current offset program or how to measure best in market proposals from suppliers.
  • Why is it important for suppliers to offer solutions to customers?



随着 COVID-19 大流行中复苏,企业正在重新关注其绿色议程。大多数人认为,在未来12个月中,可持续发展将是中等高度优先事项,而许多人则更加关注其商务出行计划的可持续发展目标。


  • 商旅买家对可持续发展的看法是什么?
  • 们是否受到来自上层的压力,要求将可持续性纳入标书中
  • 可持续性对他们有多重要?商务出行者是否已经要求更多?
  • 如何选择最佳的市场减碳计划或如何衡量供应商的最佳市场建议。
  • 为什么供应商为客户提供解决方案很重要?

Moderator: Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang


  • ATPI Travel, Director Client Success Management – Asia Bhavana Pant
  • IKEA, Global Travel Leader, Victor Lim
  • Nouryon Chemicals, Asia Travel Manager, Guomei Chen (China)