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CTC Hong Kong Corporate Travel Summit

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Tuesday 23 May 2023

Registration, Networking & Coffee

Chairperson’s Welcome

Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang

CTC Outlook: State of the Corporate Travel Industry {Download Presentation}

Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang

Industry Leader Keynote: Cathay rebuilding in the post pandemic market


Cathay Pacific Airways, General Manager, Sales & Distribution, Martin Xu

Industry Leaders Overview: The essential checklist for a successful return to corporate travel 

In 2022, it was clear that while corporations are travelling again, the landscape of the industry looks very different to what it did pre-pandemic. The traveller journey itself is more complex and companies with a mobile workforce have new standards to meet for traveller duty of care and a different set of criteria to address when it comes to risk management. 

In this important discussion, we bring together industry leaders to help travel managers navigate the post-pandemic travel landscape.


The new traveller journey – what does it involve and how are major travel suppliers supporting clients?

What’s at stake for companies with a mobile workforce when it comes to duty of care and risk management? 

What role does the travel supplier have in a post-pandemic world? 

What role will innovation and technology have on the future of corporate travel? 

How are companies pivoting towards carbon neutrality? 

What are the toolkits that travel managers will need to be successful to measure and report on carbon footprints and reduce the overall impact of travel on the environment? 

Moderator: Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang


Ericsson, APAC Travel Manager, Florence Robert

HN Consulting, Partner, Simon Hague

ATPI, Managing Director, Kelly Jones 

Uber for Business, General Manager, Sheng Li

Coffee Break & Networking

Sustainability Keynote – Latest Global Trend in Sustainability {Download Presentation}

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Assistant Dean of School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Dr. Sebastian Filep

Environmental Sustainability – Understanding buyer needs and the industry solutions

Sustainability has become a corporate travel priority, but increased costs, limited data and lack of transparent information still present barriers to making business travel more sustainable. Collaboration will be critical to supporting an enhanced corporate travel policy for travel buyers. 

As travel continues its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations are refocusing on their green agendas. A majority believe sustainability will be either a ‘moderate’ or ‘high’ priority in the next 12 months, while many have become more focused on the sustainability objectives of their corporate travel programme.  

Companies are making significant changes to their core operations and processes to become more sustainable and travel procurement plays a key role in sustainability strategies. Travel buyers now have stricter guidelines and increasingly travel teams are seeking to identify locations and travel partners who hold current or future solutions in sustainability. 

What is the travel buyers’ perspective of sustainability?  

Are they getting pressure from above to include sustainability in RFPs?

How important is sustainability to them? Are travellers already asking for more?

How are businesses working to meet sustainability demands? 

What is the industry doing to help answer buyers’ questions and provide a solution?


Moderator: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Assistant Dean of School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Dr. Sebastian Filep


Colliers, Director ESG Advisory – Asia, Andrew Lau

Pullman Hotels and Resorts, Area Director Park Lane Hotels International, Luc Bollen

Standard Chartered Bank, Regional Workplace Manager, Natalie Chung

FCM Travel, Regional Director of Operations & Regional Sustainability Lead, Annemiek van Bemmel

Connecting Sustainability with CTM {Download Presentation}

CTM, General Manager – Sales and Client Value Management, Asia, Eugene Tan

Overview of economy and the implication to the recovery of travel industry {Download Presentation}

Invest Hong Kong, Head, Tourism and Hospitality, Sindy Wong

Lunch Break & Networking

MICE Industry Leaders Overview: Collaboration Session with UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) {Download Presentation}

UFI, Global President, Informa Markets, Executive Vice President, Michael Duck

Sustainability Masterclass: The Journey to a Sustainable MICE Industry Collaboration Session with UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) 

Increasingly investors, customers, and our own teams are demanding evidence that our organisations are taking action and a responsible approach to not only the road to net zero, but also the sustainable journey to get there. The race to net zero is most definitely on, as is the race to prove our industry is the most sustainable way to do business, with work ongoing on showing we are a carbon aggregator, and a multitude of advice and support coming from associations across the world. In this session, we will hear about the ‘Net Zero Carbon Events’ initiative, plus the perspective from our customers as well as the organiser’s take.

In this session we hope to share the relevance of sustainability for future business success from the perspective of MICE point of view.

Moderator: UFI Global, President, Informa Markets, Executive Vice President, Michael Duck


EY, APAC Travel, Meetings & Events Leader, Global Corporate Card Leader, Nicola Winchester

Informa Markets, Programme Director, Asia Sustainability, Amy So

Turkish Airlines, Sales Manager, Dr Chris Leung

Luen Thai Fishing, Kelvin Li

Coffee break & Networking

Overall Human Resources Outlook: Collaboration Session with Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM) {Download Presentation}

Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management, Vice President & Informa Markets, Senior Vice President – HR and Corporate Communications, Asia, Andy Luk

Talent acquisition – why people could prove a key factor (internal and external) for corporate travel 

The recovery of travel in North America and Europe has been significantly impacted by staffing issues. From a lack of pilots across the United States of America to difficulty recruiting and training security and ground staff at airports across Europe – the impact on air travel has been significant. 

This has hit business travellers particularly hard as airlines have been forced to consolidate schedules. Frequency has always been essential to corporate travel itineraries. But now where there were previously two or three efficient flight options, there is often now just one that involves significant lost time waiting at connecting points on a journey or offers an inconvenient schedule for travellers. 

Then there is the issue of securing the best talent for your own organisation. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a huge reduction in working hours, reversed job growth, and pushed millions into working poverty across Asia Pacific. 

A report by the International Labor Organization (ILO) warns that given the scope of the damage to labour markets, the overall size of the fiscal response in the region has been insufficient, especially in the region’s developing economies. As a result of fiscal expenditure gaps, the crisis is likely to exacerbate inequalities among countries in the Asia and the Pacific.

Moderator: Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management, Vice President & Informa Markets, Senior Vice President – HR and Corporate Communications, Asia, Andy Luk


ACIHR, CEO and Founder, Andrew Chan

Richemont, Asia Pacific, Regional Talent Director, Ivory Cai

Luen Thai Group, Chief Administration Officer, Jennifer Su Tan

360 Private Travel, Associate Partner, Edith Lee

Travellers at Increased Risk of Pneumococcal Infection? Pneumococcal Disease Backgrounds & Prevention


Pfizer, Medical Science Liaison, Johnnie Leung

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Networking Drinks