> Virgin Australia & ATMC working to drive collaboration and excellence in corporate travel

Virgin Australia & ATMC working to drive collaboration and excellence in corporate travel

Virgin Australia has partnered with The Association of Travel Management Companies (ATMC) to reinforce its commitment to collaboration and industry excellence.

With what is a clear forward-thinking strategy for the current business climate, Virgin Australia aims to be the preferred airline in all areas it serves, delivering exceptional travel experiences to corporates and their travellers.

Recognising the significance of actively listening to the industry and working together with ATMC, Virgin Australia says it is placing utmost importance on understanding the needs of corporate travel and building strong relationships with key stakeholders.

By nurturing these connections, Virgin Australia says it is emphasising its dedication to the corporate travel segment.

As part of its ongoing commitment to the partnership, Virgin Australia will collaborate closely with the ATMC, its members and the customers they serve to drive initiatives that set new standards in corporate travel management.

This collaboration aims to enhance the travel experience for all stakeholders involved.

“We are thrilled to work together with ATMC and other key stakeholders to shape the future of business travel,” says Darren McDermott, GM Manager Sales for Virgin Australia.

“By combining our expertise and actively engaging with ATMC and its members, we can achieve shared success and deliver exceptional value to our corporate travel customers,” he adds.

“The ATMC and its members welcome the opportunity in supporting key initiatives which benefit our industry and the customers we serve,” says Tass Messinis chair of the ATMC.

“Virgin Australia’s collaborative approach and forward-thinking mind set will create a more connected corporate travel industry for all stakeholders,” he adds.

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