> Technology Workshop: Digital Transformation strategies and distribution

CTC Asia Council: Technology Workshop: Digital Transformation strategies and distribution

The travel and tourism industry has been among the early adopters of digital transformation, but processes are continuing to evolve. For businesses, digital adaptation is not optional but rather an indispensable condition to continue being competitive and respond to the continuously growing consumers’ demands.

Personalisation has become a crucial element of the travel business, mobile devices are now standard search and booking channels, AI-powered applications and technology are more commonplace, and data is driving digital transformation journeys.

For travel buyers it creates a complicated framework and understanding the technologies that exist to help themselves and travellers in a post COVID world is complex.

This workshop will discuss processes to help buyers understand what they should look out for with technology partners, look at how buyers can truly integrate into their technology partners, and question if technology is the answer to all the buyers' problems.

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