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Siobhán Foley

Regional Travel & Card Senior Manager - ANZ & Asia, Macquarie Group Limited

About Siobhán Foley

Siobhán is the Global Strategic Partnership Lead for Accenture’s Travel, Events and Mobility Organisation (including air, hotel, car, GDS, OBT and Travel Agency etc) and has previously been the Global Travel Operations & Technology Lead. Siobhán is responsible for Accenture’s Travel Program including more than 991 thousand airline tickets, 2 million hotel nights, and over $1 billion in travel spend. Siobhán has over 23 years’ experience in the travel industry and is supported by an internal Accenture team of GDS, Agency, Airline and Travel Technology experts. Siobhan is also the Trave Category Lead with experience in strategic sourcing and consolidation of Travel Programs.

Siobhán has degrees in Communications and Asian Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, A Certificate in Travel and Tourism and is currently doing a Masters Degree in Autism. Siobhan is a People with Disabilities advocate.

Siobhan was recently awarded the Corporate Travel Women of the year in the 2019 Women in Travel Awards.

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