> Restoring traveller confidence through cooperation and innovation

Restoring traveller confidence through cooperation and innovation

The resurgence in travel in the last year has brought with it unprecedented disruptions.

The air travel industry has been working hard to cope with further growth and changing traveller expectations and requirements.

Many in the industry are looking to technology providers to assist with solving issues and help drive improved traveller confidence.

This was the topic of a panel discussion at the CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit in Brisbane in the middle of Sep-2023.

The session was moderated by Pangiam, President, Steven Greenway and included Avalon Airport, CEO, Tony Brun; Japan Airlines, Vice President Asia, India and Oceania, Richard Engelmann; Skyscanner, Vice President Strategic Relations & Development, Hugh Aitken; and SITA, Head of Sydney Border Practice, Paul Cross

Some of the topic areas covered included:

  • What is the new traveller requesting of the industry?
  • How does the sector come together to ensure improved customer satisfaction?
  • What is the role of airlines, airports and suppliers?
  • What technology exists to help support airlines and airports?
  • How is the distribution landscape shifting as airlines, their customers and suppliers map out new relationships?
  • As passengers continue to seek more personalised and flexible content, what digital strategies are being embraced to meet this demand shift?

You can view the full session via the following CAPA TV recording.

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