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Pru Popple

Head of Procurement for HUD (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development), NZ Government

About Pru Popple

Pru Popple is the Lead Procurement Advisor with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the agency responsible for strategy, policy, funding, monitoring and regulation of New Zealand’s housing and urban development system. Pru heads up the procurement team that looks after the Corporate and ICT portfolio including Travel. Pru is part of the Finance, Investment and Infrastructure business within HUD, working in close collaboration with business partners to develop and implement sourcing strategies that help realise both social and public value for the organisation.

Pru has worked in a number of government agencies over the last 6 years, including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Inland Revenue, and Housing and Urban Development. Prior to joining government, she worked as a Commercial Manager in the technology sector.

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