> Expectations for travel in 2030

CTC Asia Council: Expectations for travel in 2030

What are your expectations for the future of travel? How would you like to see the corporate travel industry evolve during the next 10 to 15 years? While it’s difficult to predict exactly how the traveller experience will change into the future, most people have clear expectations for what they’d like to see come to fruition by 2030.

But to what extent will companies prioritise the traveller experience and individual preferences in the coming years? How important is the traveller experience compared to other travel program objectives such as cost minimisation?

Join Felicity Burke, General Manager of FCM Consulting APAC, as she explores Gen Z and the Millennial generation’s expectations for travel in 2030. Felicity will be joined onstage by Dean Easton, The Australian National University Manager, Travel Services and Murray Warner, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, Serko, to unpack how organisations are managing the rise of employee-centric travel programs and traveller expectations for industry change.

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