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CTC Australasia Council: Dr Tui McKeown

Dr Tui McKeown

ssociate Professor, Monash University

About Dr Tui McKeown

Demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry complemented by experience and practical research in the small business sector. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Lecturing, Organizational Leadership, Management, and Contractor Management. Internationally recognised small business and independent contracting services professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Management from Monash University. Dr McKeown is currently President of The Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand (SEAANZ) which is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the advancement, development and understanding of small enterprise within Australia and New Zealand. Founded in Sydney in 1987, SEAANZ is dedicated to research, policy development and the dissemination of ideas relating to entrepreneurship and small business management for the small to medium enterprise (SME) sector within the Australasian region.

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