> CTC Masterclass – Safe travel and new expectations: How are Travel Program’s evolving?

CTC Asia Council: CTC Masterclass – Safe travel and new expectations: How are Travel Program’s evolving?

The pandemic has changed the needs of Corporates and their travellers, both during and post pandemic. In this session we explore these changes and how TMC’s are meeting new expectations, and at what cost.

As the pandemic timeframe continues to extend, the economic impact on the corporate customer is leading to an economic recession scenario with travel budgets cut for the foreseeable future. We ask to what degree this is already occurring ahead of any post pandemic recovery in demand, and what steps have been implemented by corporates to manage those reductions.

Equally importantly as airlines pivot towards “no vaccine, no fly” (at least for International travel), how will the concept of Vaccine Passports work? How will corporates get their younger travellers vaccinated if governments reserve vaccine supplies in the public health system and prioritise older and more vulnerable groups? Can the travel industry get moving again in 2021 under these scenarios? Will / when might a private market appear for vaccinations, and a more cost effective and acceptable approach to testing? Some destination countries are suggesting they won’t re-open for visitors until 70% of their own population have been vaccinated, this may delay potential recovery in travel well into 4th Quarter 2021 for many countries.  We explore these points with our expert from International SOS.

  • MW Travel Consultancy, Principal, Martin Warner 

  • International SOS, ANZ Director, Risk Services, Peter Curtis

  • Accenture, Vice President - Travel, Meeting & Events, Amarnath Lal Das

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