> CTC Masterclass ISO Standard: 31030 – Travel Risk Management

CTC Asia Council: CTC Masterclass ISO Standard: 31030 – Travel Risk Management

ISO 31030 is fast becoming the new global benchmark for travel risk management, designed to assist organisations make important decisions to support employees. Developed by a global community of experts, the guidelines will cover all aspects of corporate travel including authorisations, planning, policy, traveller assessment, transportation, destination, accommodation and much more.

The guidance has created a “best practise” that can be applied to a full range of organisational contexts, travel requirements, threat and risk environments or risk appetites. In this discussion we hear from industry experts to help sort through the vast inclusions and practises.


  • CTC - Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang 
  • Collinson Group, President - Asia Pacific, Todd Handcock 
  • Global Secure Accreditation, Executive Director and Founder, Bob Quick 

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