> CTC-CAPA Corporate Travel Gathering Australia 2019 Highlights

CTC Asia Council: CTC-CAPA Corporate Travel Gathering Australia 2019 Highlights

The CTC-CAPA Corporate Travel Gathering – Australia took place in November 2019 with the purpose of providing corporate travel buyers with strategic and operational skills to create a traveller centric programme. Managed Travel is rapidly evolving and successful travel programmes and providers will need to adapt to change, rather than seeking to simply manage/control it, or seek to avoid it.

The conference began with big picture keynotes on the key influencers impacting the industry including aviation, demographics and economics. Through a combination of keynotes, rapid fire presentations, interviews, panels, debates and masterclasses corporate travel buyers were guided to become successful leaders of their travel programme.

This is a must attend for those seeking to learn from, network and collaborate with today’s travel industry leaders! Our fantastic line up of speakers will ensure you leave each event armed with the latest knowledge, solutions and data to help you create value for your travel programmes.

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