CTC Corporate Travel Conference in COTTM



30 mins

Welcome and

CTC Outlook: State of the Corporate Travel Industry 


Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Dr Benson Tang



30 mins

Guest Keynote Speaker 


An Economist


An renowned economist will share a wealth of experience and opinions. 



45 mins

CTC Think Tank: A meeting of the minds


In 2024, it was clear that while corporations are travelling again, the landscape of the industry looks very different to what it did pre-pandemic. From planning to return, the travel journey has become more complex. With an increasingly mobile workforce, companies need to meet new standards for duty of care and address changing sets of criteria when it comes to risk and cost management. 


In this important discussion, we bring together industry leaders to help travel managers navigate the post-pandemic travel landscape.  


  • The new traveller journey - what does it involve and how are major travel suppliers supporting clients? 
  • What’s at stake for companies with a mobile workforce when it comes to duty of care and risk management? 
  • What role does the travel supplier have in a post-pandemic world? 
  • What role will innovation and technology have on the future of corporate travel? 
  • How are companies pivoting towards carbon neutrality?
  • What are the toolkits that travel managers will need to be successful to measure and report on carbon footprints and reduce the overall impact of travel on the environment? 


Moderator: Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Dr Benson Tang


Panel Discussion



20 mins

Industry Leader Keynote - Exploring the T&E Landscape: Navigating the Future of Corporate Travel


With the rapid return of business travel, it is increasingly important for organisations to adapt to the needs of today’s business travellers. Travel managers need to evolve programs and systems to deliver an enhanced T&E user experience for travellers, and also enable core efficiencies for the business. This session will provide an overview of the payments ecosystem and share findings from a global survey. Topics covered will include; key trends shaping the next generation of corporate travel spend management, early insights into emerging technologies in the travel space, and keys to shaping a T&E program strategy that optimises spend, delivers increased compliance, and creates a better traveller experience around the world.



85 mins

Lunch and Networking



45 mins


(10 mins each session + 15 mins panel discussion)

Practical Applications of Environmental Sustainability Initiatives


The travel industry as a whole continues its collective efforts to meet ambitious and highly public environmental goals. Yet, the implementation of strategies and tools for corporate travel is only starting to get underway.


Despite grand ambitions and investment, progress in the transition has been slow. Not to mention differing messages being presented to Travel Managers.


In this session, we bring together a collection of important environmental sustainability organisations to explain what technology, products or services exist today to help Travel Managers actually lower their carbon footprint.


All of the highlighted businesses in this session are available now and can help businesses start to improve their impact on the environment. 


Chairperson: Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang



45 mins

The Great Debate: The future of corporate travel 


Moderator: Corporate Travel Community, Executive Director, Benson Tang